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Outpost of comfort for storm-ravaged Long Beach
New York Daily News – November 2012
A 100-year-old bar becomes the de facto community center
for a neighborhood in need.

Fatou Bensouda: The ICC’s new chief prosecutor
Newsweek | Daily Beast – October 2012
A woman with gravitas takes on the bad guys.

After quake, rebuilding community remains biggest
challenge for Turkey’s Kurds

Christian Science Monitor – July 2012
Ten months after a pair of earthquakes devastated Turkey’s
Lake Van region, its ethnic Kurdish survivors struggle to reclaim normality.

Monks watch Burmese politics shift from Brooklyn
Voices of NY – March 2012
Despite promising signs for Burma’s historic election, Brooklyn’s
Burmese monks prefer to focus on work in their adopted home.

Food pantries in Brooklyn: Sheepshead Bay
City Limits Magazine – September 2011
A local Kosher food pantry is worried: the cupboard
is nearly bare.

Amid waves of watering holes, Hell’s Kitchen keeps tabs on bars
City Limits Magazine – November 2011
Hell’s Kitchen residents are keen to keep a lid on their
neighborhood’s burgeoning nightlife.

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Living off-grid, couple finds economical way
to live beyond the power line

Rutland Herald – February 2011
A Middletown Springs couple turns their back on the grid,
while power companies strive to make
energy-efficient lifestyles more affordable.

Weatherization programs target Vermont’s older homes
Rutland Herald – November 2010
Vermont’s neediest get a boost from a state-run
energy efficiency program.

Victor Wooten coming to paramount
Rutland Herald – April 2011
The renowned bass player talks with the Herald about gigging
with Bela Fleck and giving back to his community through music.

Idol winner comes to Paramount
Rutland Herald – March 2011
When Taylor Hicks debuts at the Paramount, he’ll be
sticking to his blues-driven roots.

Wynonna: pure and simple
Rutland Herald – September 2010
Wynonna Judd talks about singing with her mom,
and finding her own voice.